Hydro-Clear® Sand Filter

Manufacturer: Evoqua Water Technologies

• Low-profile design reduces excavation, concrete, and related structural costs
• Regenerates media surface, extending filter runs; automatically keeps the system on-line during upsets
• Effectively backwashes media in 3.5 minutes, at low power and water rates
• Enables semi-automatic media cleaning; no manual grease removal, media replacement, or pre-chlorination
• Steel package plants or field pour in place concrete tanks for flow rates from 10 GPM to 120 + MGD.
• Enables you to upgrade filtration capabilities using existing tanks
• Fully automated controls keep plant in compliance 24/7/365
• Qualified, experienced field technicians readily available for service and/or upgrades to your filtration system

​The Hydro-Clear® pulsed-bed sand filtration system is an excellent solution when gravity filtration is needed. It features a unique underdrain system and a shallow bed of mono-media, fine-grained sand, a design which permits the filter media to be “pulsed” periodically as solids build up. Filter runs are extended and the filter is automatically kept on-line, despite varying loads, and changing water characteristics

The pulsed bed, gravity flow Hydro-Clear filter was designed specifically to remove suspended particles and turbidity from wastewater treatment plant effluent. Designed to work around the clock, the Hydro-Clear filter provides unequaled efficiency, combined with the experience to keep your plant compliant 24/7/365.

Shallow, 10-inch bed
• Mono media
• Pulse Mix® system
• Hydro-Scour™® system
• Chem-Clean® system
• Easy-to-operate control system
• Custom design
• Pilot testing
• Ideal for retrofits
• Service