Manufacturer: ITT Goulds

Goulds ICP High Pressure / High Temp Chemical Process Pump. The ICP is a Heavy Duty Chemical Process Pump Designed For Extreme Temperatures and Pressures and is Ideal for Chemical, Petrochemical, Hot Water or Heat Transfer Fluid Applications. Hydraulic Components Comply with ISO 2858 and DIN 24256 For Easy Integration to Most Process Piping Systes. Mechanical Design in Accordance to ISO 5199 for Extended Reliability.

• Capacities to 450 m3/h (1980 USgpm)
• Heads to 150 m (492 feet)
• Temperature Range40° C to 280° C ( 40° F to 535° F)
• Pressures to 25 Bar (363 PSIG)
• Materials Carbon Steel (1.0619), Stainless Steel (1.4408), Duplex Stainless Steel (1.4517), Hastelloy C (2.4811)
• Design Features
• Patented "Cyclone" Seal Chamber for Extended Seal Life
• Standard Center Line Mounted Casing Controls Thermal Growth & Maintains Pump Alignment for Extended Bearing Life
• Large Capacity Oil Sump Improves Oil Cooling for Extended Bearing Life
• Optional Inducer Reduces NPSHr, Ideal for Marginal NPSH Applications
• Back Pull Out Design Simplifies Maintenance Activities
• Modular Interchangeability with IC Pump Reduces Spare Parts Inventories
• Optional Wear Rings Renew Pump Performance and Extend Pump Life