Injectable Packings

Manufacturer: John Crane

Injectable Packing
John Crane injectable packing consists of chopped, braided packing fibers combined with a controlled blend of greases and lubricants, resulting in a superior product favored by maintenance mechanics. Its pliability makes it easy to apply. This material can be injected via a high-pressure gun or can be packed by hand. John Crane injectable packing will conform to any size stuffing box.

1775, 1774: 500°F/260°C
1772: 400°F/204°C
1775/1772 pump: 150 psi(g)/10.3 bar(g)
1774 pump: 250 psi(g)/17.2 bar(g)
1775/1772 valve: 1200 psi(g)/82.6 bar(g)
1774 valve: 3,000 psi(g)/207 bar(g)
1775/1772: 1500fpm/7.6m/s
1774: 3000fpm/15m/s
2 to 12 (all styles)
Recommended Applications
• Process pumps
• Mixer and agitators
• Other rotating equipment
• Valves

• California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
• 1775 — Consists of non-staining, non-contaminating PTFE fibers combined with mineral oils. This material is FDA compliant, and is recommended for pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, food processingand potable water applications.
• 1774 — Consists of expanded graphite encapsulating PTFE fibers combined with mineral oils. This material is chemically inert, and is recommended for pulp and paper stock, sea water, sewage, steam condensate, acids, and caustic applications.
• 1772 — Consists of natural flax fibers combined with a phosphate grease additive. This material is recommended for water, brine, pulp and paper, sewage, mild acid and caustic applications.
• Applications — John Crane injectable packing can be used in a variety of applications, including pulp and paper stock pumps, municipal agitators and aerators, valve stem packing and general industry water pumps.
• Standard sizes — John Crane injectable packing is available in boxes of 10 one-half pound sticks. An injection gun (with fittings) is also available for use in injecting the packing into the stuffing box.