Internalift® Screw Pumps

Manufacturer: Evoqua Water Technologies

Contained solutions for lifting large flows of liquid or liquid solid mixtures
• Low installation and operating costs
• Minimizes power costs
• Simple operation and reduced maintenance at a constant speed
• Hard debris is flushed through
• Odors and splashing contained
Internalift® Screw Pumps from Evoqua are an excellent solution for lifting water, wastewater, and other liquids in a variety of municipal and industrial applications. They provide pump efficiencies as high as 85% and a volumetric efficiency of virtually 100%.

• Easily handles grit and larger solids with no upstream prescreening, grinding, or grit removal required
• Operates at a high efficiency (85%) and virtually 100% volumetric efficient
• At lower incoming water levels, the Internalift Screw Pump pumps less water, and with higher incoming water levels it pumps more water. This inherent self-regulating feature enables the pump to run with simple controls and at relatively low speeds – from 30 to 80 rpm – and extend bearing life.
• 38° and 45° installation angles