J05X, J05K, J05L Pump & Tank Packages

Manufacturer: Xylem

JO5X, JO5K, JO5L Jet/Tank Packages

Convertible Pump/Tank Packages for home, farm and cottage water systems and booster service.

• Deep Drawn Steel Shells: Provide maximum material strength.
• Inner Shell: Prevents diaphragm from over expanding.
• Heavy Duty Diaphragm: Made of finest quality butyl rubber. Separates air and water, maintains air charge.
• Interior Tank Lining: Fusion bonded polymeric lining (durable polypropylene liner used on V15P). Both meet FDA requirements.
• Maximum Working Pressure: 100 PSI for V45MP and V60MP,125PSIforV15P.
• Temperature Rating: Maximum 120o F.
• Appliance Appearance Exterior Finish: Two coat high performance protection system.
• Heavy Duty Base: Eliminates corrosion due to condensation and exposure to the elements. Made of high density polypropylene.