KOAX Coaxial

Manufacturer: EKATO

EKATO coaxial agitators are high performance units equipped with two universal impeller systems each with an independent drive system. All kinds of mixing tasks arising in the different process steps such as homogenizing, suspending, dispersing, heat transfer as well as the decomposition of solids, can be combined and performed. This mixing system is preferred for complex mixing processes and products with extreme viscosities and flow behaviors. Therefore process steps with different viscosities, from watery substances up to 1 million mPas, can be processed. KOAX agitators are a cost effective alternative to kneaders and extruders.

*Drive versions with flat or bevel gearbox
*Massive or hollow shaft
*Divisible shaft with flange coupling
*Mounting flange or plate

Strengthened bearing inside of the gearbox

Available with a compact sealing lantern, including:

*V ring
*Shaft seal ring
*Water seal
*Safety labyrinth seal or
*Stuffing box

Rubber coated shafts and impellers for highly abrasive and corrosive products with high solid contents (E.g. for flue gas desulfurization or processing of ore)
Steady bearing

Motor Power0.75 - 400 kW

Shaft Diameter40 - 800 mm

Operating PressureAtmospheric - 4 bar

Impeller SystemsEKATO high efficiency impellers and conventional impellers

Materials (product wetted)Carbon steel, rust-& acid resistant steels, nickel base alloy, Duplex-& Super Duplex steels, titanium & titanium alloys, rubber coatings, coatings

ApprovalATEX 2014/34/EU & GOST TR ZU 010/2011