KZNRF Series

Manufacturer: BJM Pumps

The KZNRF pumps have proprietary process hardened ductile iron volutes. It is the choice of industries that face the most difficult pumping: Lime slurries, mill scale, coal runoff sumps, wash down sumps, ash transfer, tailings ponds, slag pits, food wastes, silt removal, sand & gravel dewatering, barge & tank cleanout.

• Every KZNRF Series slurry pump is constructed with the following abrasive resistant chrome iron components:
• Agitator - Fluidizes settled solids into a slurry.
• Wear plate - Replaceable hardened surface on the suction side where erosion would cause a loss of pump performance.
• Semi open impeller - Handles abrasive solid concentrations as high as 70% by weight.

• Every KZNRF Series slurry pump model is protected by:
• Class R motor insulation and built in amperage (FLA) and temperature overload protection.
• Double silicon carbide mechanical seals in a separate oil filled seal chamber.
• Heavy duty lip seal - additional protection for the mechanical seals.
• Stainless steel shaft and shaft sleeve - Save on shaft wear due to abrasives and corrosion.
• Hardened ductile iron volute - Proprietary plasma treated for extra hardness and long life.

• Every KZNRF Series pump is a top discharge pump:
• KZNRF severe duty slurry pumps are utility pumps and frequently dragged from one site to another. The KZNRF doesn't have a side discharge connection that can break off or be damaged as it is pulled and pushed into place.
• Top discharge pumps are cooled by pumped liquid - The KZNRF Series slurry pumps can pump a sump or pit down to within inches of the bottom. A side discharge pump without a cooling jacket must stay submerged to avoid overheating, leaving as much as three feet of unpumped slurry.
• Top discharge means slim - Even the largest model with a 22.75 inch diameter will fit down a manhole with a hose attached.
• The KZNRF's proprietary process hardened ductile iron volutes - cast with extra thick walls at the point where pumped slurry enters the discharge.
• High chrome agitator helps keep solids suspended in liquid and helps prevent pump from clogging.
• Specifications dependent on model and may change without notice.