Launder Channel HLC

Manufacturer: Huber Technologies

Feed system for screenings wash presses
Wastewater or service water as flushing water
Up to 30 m channel length
High operating reliability, low maintenance requirements
Customised solutions

The HUBER Launder Channel operates discontinuously in a batch mode or continuously. The screenings to be treated drop into the launder channel from one or several screens. Wastewater or service water is used to flush the screenings into the wash press. The flushing water serves also as wash water for screenings washing.

HUBER Launder Channels can be adjusted to suit customer-specific requirements. To ensure maximum operating reliability the launder channel control system can be designed to use redundant wash press systems and operate the individual units as needed via according valve control.

 Cost-effective, low maintenance solution
 High operational reliability
 Up to 30 m channel length
 Wastewater or service water as flushing water
 Stainless steel design for corrosion resistance