Manufacturer: American Warming and Ventilating

6" Wind-Driven Rain Louver

Louver Depth6"

DescriptionWind-Driven Rain Louver

Free Area8.02 sqft or 50.1%

Water Peneration1250 fpm

Pressure Drop0.44 in w.g at 1250 fpm and 10025 scfm

Frame Material0.081" Thick 6063-T5 Extruded Aluminum

Blades Material0.060" Thick 6063-T5 Extruded Aluminum

Blade AngleN/A

Blade Spacing2"

Blade OrientationHorizontal

Screen OptionsBird Screen, Insect Screen

MullionExposed or Hidden

AMCACertified for Air Performance, Water Penetration and Wind-Driven Rain

Miami - DadeNo