LO/PRO® Odor Control System

Manufacturer: Evoqua Water Technologies

Versatile, and effective wet scrubber odor control system that can handle a wide range of odorous compounds.

• Most reliable and proven odor control technology.
• Unlike biological systems, handles intermittent and highly variable odors.
• Easy installation.

The LO/PRO® system is the result of 25 years of developing and testing wet scrubber systems. The system is designed to minimize space requirements. It arrives at the job site assembled. The chemical sump and absorption stages are housed in a single FRP chamber with manways for easy access to any part of the system.
The LO/PRO system can be designed to treat H2S concentrations in excess of 60,000 PPM and is designed to perform at removal efficiencies of 99 percent or better.

• Up to 30,000 cfm for standard models.
• Over 60,000 cfm/unit for custom systems
• Multi-stage process with options to treat for H2S, ammonia, amines, VOCs and other odorous compounds.
• Effective in biogas and degasifier offgas scrubbing also.
• Low profile
• Small footprint
• Factory assembled
• Premium FRP construction

Treatment Flow Rate, Maximum: cfm60,000

System TypeWet Chemical Scrubber Systems