Main Drains

Manufacturer: Evoqua Water Technologies

Main drain selection for Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act compliance
Evoqua offers a variety of main drain solutions in order to meet the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act starting in 2008. And for those who don’t understand the law, or fail to comply, they will or have experienced sometimes serious repercussions either through facility shut downs or paying substantial fines.
The law was passed to protect and save lives, and we understood it was imperative to engineer a new certified main drain that was inexpensive and easy to install, and yet maintain a high flow rate. The result was the SuperFlow™ domed main drain/grate. NSF tested and ASME LISTED, SuperFlow™ grates are is the only choice for retrofitting your main drains or constructing your new pool.
All sumps and drains must be inspected and certified before a facility can open. We are the first to offer an all-in-one 18″x18″ sump and main drain that is ASME-2007 LISTED. Featuring a solid one-piece, injection-molded unit, it’s substantially less expensive than fabricated PVC sheets and stainless steel, and avoids the need for field inspection and the labor of building concrete sumps.
This law also affects how field-built concrete sumps are fabricated. Our answer is to fabricate larger, custom-sized sumps and unblockable drains (18″x36″, 18″x54″, 18″x72″ and larger). All of which are ASME-2007 compliant.