Manufacturer: ISOMAG

The MD-V8 Bearing Grease Seal
External contamination can wreak havoc on lubricant systems for mechanical equipment, degrading performance, increasing maintenance, and adding wear and tear to machinery. In systems where external contamination has been a problem, a bearing grease seal or oil seal specially designed to prevent contaminant ingress can be beneficial.

The MD-V8 grease seal from ISOMAG fulfills this role, delivering contaminant protection and IP-67 bearing seal-rated performance to keep your equipment contaminant-free and its lubrication pristine.

Bearing protection seals fulfill two primary functions:
• Preventing lubricant from escaping between a rotating shaft and stationary housing
• Preventing contaminants from entering the equipment and degrading its lubrication
In a typical application, an oil or grease seal is installed adjacent to a bearing, sealing in and enabling recirculation of the lubricant — while sealing out the various liquids, gases or solids that may be encountered by the particular mechanism in its operating environment.

Oil and grease seals are generally the least expensive component in a mechanical system, but they play a critical role in protecting more expensive components such as bearings and gears. Bearing protection seals also save time and money by reducing the need for maintenance and frequent lubricant changes, as the most common failure mode for most bearings is insufficient or improper lubrication. The oil/grease seal keeps the correct amount of lubrication in and keeps out harmful contaminants.

ISOMAG offers an extensive selection of bearing seals with our innovative magnetic-face seal design, providing the tightest possible seal while reducing wear and tear on components. Similar to products like our other models, our MD-V8 seals are specifically designed for particular lubricant conditions, providing tailored, top-quality sealing for every application.