MEC O MATIC Dolphin Series

Manufacturer: Pulsafeeder

Chemical solution and slurry metering pumps designed, engineered, and built to last. The pump case is molded of a rugged, chemical resistant ABS. The feeder head is molded of UV and acid resistant polycarbonate and is designed to snap on and off without tools. A 10 minute solid state electric current interrupter is a standard feature, built into every MEC O MATIC Dolphin Series pump.

• Variable speed motor
• Fully scalable 4 20mA input
• Hall effect input
• Contacting head water meter input
• Flow Totalization Accurately reports the volume pumped at the touch of a button
• Cycle Timer Run automatically at set intervals
• Daily Timer Inject chemical based on days of the week
• LCD Display Simple and intuitive program selections and clearly displays operating parameters
• Duplex Head Models Two pump heads to deliver twice the flow or the rated flow of two different chemicals simultaneously
• Tubing Materials Standard norprene tube material in low pressure ratings (extended tube life) / High pressure ratings (meet demanding system requirements) / Fluran tubing (greater chemical resistance: contact technical service for compatibility)

Pump Head MaterialsChemical Resistant Resin

EnclosuresChemical Resistant Resin

Injection FittingPVC

Tubing AvailableNorprene, Viton

Suction TubingPE

Discharge TubingPE

Connection Size Available0.25"

Power Input115 VAC-60 HZ, 230 VAC-50/60 HZ

Average Current DrawUD10: 115 VAC: Amps-0.42, UD50: 115 VAC: Amps-0.62 / UD75: 115 VAC: Amps-0.72, 230 VAC / 60 HZ: Amps-UD10: 230 VAC / 60 HZ: Amps-0.30, UD50: 230 VAC / 60 HZ: Amps-0.34, UD75: 230 VAC / 60 HZ: Amps-0.36, UD10: 230 VAC / 60 HZ: Amps-0.35, UD50: 230 VAC / 60 HZ: Amps-0.40, UD75: 230 VAC / 60 HZ: Amps-0.42

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