Manufacturer: Pulsafeeder

The MicroTrac is a microprocessor based feed and bleed toroidal conductivity controller designed to control conductivity and feed inhibitor in cooling tower systems. Featuring innovative toroidal sensor technology, the MicroTrac provides an economical control platform that is not susceptible to sensor fouling and never requires calibration! The MicroTrac conductivity controller has a 0 9,999µS/cm range, making it ideal for other applications as well, such as rinse, industrial process, wastewater, etc.

• Selectable rising or falling setpoint for open or closed loop control
• Water meter pulse timer
• Percent timer
• % Post bleed timer
• Limit timer
• Simple Programming Intuitive menu with soft keys touch pad
• Toroidal Probe No calibration required
• Easy installation and easy to use
• Heavy duty enclosure

EnclosuresNEMA 4X / IP65

Flow Switch Pressure125 psi / 8.6 bar

Flow Switch Temperature122 °F / 50 °C Max

Conductivity Range0 9,999 μS/cm

Power Input90 VAC-50/60HZ-5A, 250 VAC-50/60 HZ-5A

Controller Set Point DifferentialHysteresis: Fixed 5% below the set point

Controller DisplayLCD

TimersWater Meter Pulse Timer, Percent Timer, % Post Bleed Timer, Limit Timer

Flow Switch Activate Flow RateApprox. 1 gpm/3.78 lpm

Average Current DrawLine Voltage at 240 VA Per Relay, 120 VAC: Amps-2

ControlsTimers: Water Meter Pulse Timer-Percent Timer-% Post Bleed Timer-Limit Timer

Product Options• Prewired • Flow Assembly • Standard Panel and Flow Assembly • Panel Mounted with Pumps • Cable Length

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