Manufacturer: Pulsafeeder

The MicroVision Controller series features is innovative Toroidal sensor technology. Toroidal sensors are not susceptible to fouling and eliminate the need for routine cleaning and calibration. The MicroVision controller comes standard with selectable timer, Dry contact/ Hall Effect water meter input, dual biocide with pre bleed, lockout, inhibitor interface, and four programmable start times per biocide, 4 20mA output, dry contact alarm output and 3 drum level inputs.

• Selectable timers
• Digital inputs
• Outputs
• Simple Programming Intuitive menu with soft keys touch pad
• Toroidal Probe No calibration required
• Easy installation and easy to use
• Heavy duty enclosure
• Languages English / Spanish / Portuguese

EnclosuresNEMA 4X / IP65

Flow Switch Pressure125 psi / 8.6 bar

Flow Switch Temperature122 °F / 50 °C Max

Conductivity Range0 9,999 μS/cm

Power Input90 VAC-50/60HZ-5A, 250 VAC-50/60 HZ-5A

Controller DisplayLCD

TimersSelectable:, Limit, Percent, % Post Bleed With Limit, Water Meter, Dual Biocide Timers

Outputs4 20 mA Isolated Analog, Dry Contact Alarm, Bleed-Solenoid valve or motorized ball valve

InputsFlow Switch, 3 Drum Level, Dry Contact Water Meter, Hall Effect

Flow Switch Activate Flow RateApprox. 1 gpm/3.78 lpm

Average Current Draw5 Amps Max

ControlsBleed: Solenoid valve or motorized ball valve, Feed: Inhibitor, Biocides: Dual biocide with pre bleed-Lockout-Inhibitor interface-Four programmable start times per biocide

Product Options• Prewired • Flow Assembly • Standard Panel and Flow Assembly • Panel Mounted with Pumps • Cable Length

AccessoriesCorrosion Coupon Racks Metering Pumps Motorized Ball Valves Solenoids Water Meters