MicroVision EX

Manufacturer: Pulsafeeder

MicroVision EX is a microprocessor based Conductivity, pH, and ORP controller, with the features and functions you need for accurate monitoring and control of cooling tower water that won't break your budget! MicroVision EX has optional PULSAlink cloud based communications so you can CONTROL YOUR CONTROLLER FROM ANYWHERE!

• Toroidal conductivity sensor.
• One point calibration.
• Large easy to read color display.
• Lockable front cover.
• Nameable, customizable: Relays, Inputs, Watermeters.
• Multiple level security codes.
• Up to 10 digital inputs.
• Dry contact alarm output.
• Battery backup.
• USB data logging is standard:
• Up to 2 years of data logging.
• Upload/Download program settings.
• Upgrades to the Operating System.
Optional PULSAlink cloud based communications, over an Encrypted cloud based site.
• Live Reading
• Data Logging
• Change Settings
• Email Notifications
• Enhanced Graphing Capabiliites Probes, Relays, Water Meters
• eServiceReport compatible.
Installation Wizard
• Configure parameters and install your controller remotely within minutes.
• Error proof guidelines.
• Notifications throughout the proceess, with default settings that are customizable.
• Your downloaded configuration can be used on other installs.
• Install wizard available for all MicroVision EX units however having PULSAlink eliminates steps and makes installation even faster.


Conductivity Range0 9,999 μS/cm

ORP Range-2000-+2000mV

Power Input100 VAC-240 VAC / 50/60Hz / 8A

Controller DisplayMulticolor graphical LCD

TimersSelectable:, Limit, Percent, % Post Bleed With Limit, Water Meter Pulse Timer, Biocide Control Timer with Pre bleed, Lockout and Conductivity Minimum, 4 20mA Input, pH or ORP Set Point Control, Alarm Output

Selectable RelaysUp to 8

Outputs4 20mA


Flow Switch Activate Flow RateApprox. 1 gpm/3.78 lpm

Lockable Viewing WindowYes

Ambient Temperature122 °F / 50 °C Max

Average Current Draw8 Amps Max • Optional Make up Conductivity Control with a Toroidal Sensor. • 4 20 mA Analog Outputs and Inputs • Ethernet Interface • PULSAlink cloud based communications

Product OptionsCorrosion Coupon Racks Metering Pumps ( PULSAtron-XP Series) Motorized Ball Valves Solenoid Valves Water Meters