Manufacturer: ISOMAG

The MP-V6S Vertical Isolator
The ISOMAG MP-V6S vertical bearing isolator and flooded oil seal is designed for environments where the oil level is above the shaft centerline or the seal is found at the bottom in a vertical application, commonly found in gearboxes, vertical pumps, mixers, vertical motors, etc. Our flooded oilseal products incorporate a unique, cutting-edge magnetic seal design that prevents egress of lubricant — while also recirculating — as well as ingress of contaminants that can damage equipment and impact efficiency.

Magnetic-face flooded bearing seals provide a liquid-tight seal that also prevents equipment wear and tear. Lip seals, in contrast, can begin damaging equipment and enduring wear almost as soon as they are installed — leading to increased maintenance and a much shorter time between replacements, often as little as a few months. With the ISOMAG MP-V6S vertical oil seal instead, you should see less need for oil changes, fewer maintenance events and a longer time between replacements. ISOMAG seals can often last 7 years or more before being replaced.