NM 3171

Manufacturer: ITT Goulds

Goulds NM 3171 Non Metallic Vertical Process Pumps.
For severe corrosive applications. Casing and impeller interchangeable with Model NM 3196. Cost effective alternative to high alloys.

• Capacities to 1250 GPM (284 m3/h)
• Heads to 300 Feet (92m)
• Temperatures to 200° F (79° C)
• Pit Depths to 16 Feet (5m)
• Thrust Bearing Design: mechanical Reliability Oversized double row thrust bearing accommodates entire range of NM 3171 sizes. Bearing is greased for life as standard for minimum maintenance.
• Protected from Contamination Three way bearing protection: double lip shaft seals installed top and bottom, O ring seal between bearing housing and end cover, Teflon U cup vapor seal installed in shaft column.
• Column Bearing Design: superior column bearing performance is assured by a special RULON® bearing...a polymetric fluoropolymer material designed especially for use with high alloy shafting. RULON® provides significant advantages: extremely low coefficient of friction, chemically inert, low wear rate, minimum lubrication requirements, ideal for non metallic pumps and severe corrosive services.
• Corrosion Resistant Construction: the NM 3171 casing and impeller are constructed of vinylester thermoset resin industry's choice for moderate corrosives. Maximum strength is achieved by fiber reinforcement. No fillers are used which reduce corrosion resistance.
• Goulds utilizes our proprietary Process which permits a true volute to be molded in the casing, just like a metal ANSI pump. Other materials available upon request.
• Application Flexibility: Goulds NM 3196 is a horizontal version of the Model NM 3171. Liquid end parts are made of the same material high strength, corrosion resistant fiber reinforced vinylester. Performance and efficiency are the same. (Refer to Section CHEM 2A).
• Sealed Bearing Arrangement: the standard outside clean flush is the preferred method of lubricating the sleeve bearings on the NM3171. For abrasive applications where no outside flush is available, the sealed bearing arrangement is an ideal solution. Carbon bearings are lubricated with grease and isolated from the media by dual lip seals. A spring loaded grease cup maintains a constant pressure on the grease. Due to the fact that the pump's vinylester material of construction has good insulating properties, it is necessary to flush the outside of the steady bearing to disipate heat. To accomplish this, a flush line is run from the pump discharge to each steady bearing.