Manufacturer: Nord Drive Systems

The NORDBLOC.1 helical inline gear unit with its smooth surface is an innovative drive solution for all applications where cleanliness is essential. These innovative and patented gear units do not have any installation openings. This increases the stability of the product and at the same time provides a smoother surface on which neither liquids or solid materials can accumulate.

• Performance: 0.16 - 50 hp
• Torque range: 248 - 29,200 lb-in

• High strength and lightweight aluminum alloy housing (up to SK771.1)
• Rugged, high strength cast iron housing (SK772.1 and above)
• Innovative modular design
• Oversized output bearings combined with staggered bearing topology increase the external load capacity.
• Quiet operation
• Large ratio range
• Optionally available with nsd tupH Sealed Surface Conversion System, a cost effective and lightweight alternative to stainless steel reducers.
• Application Specific Solutions
• High drive torque


Mounting positionM1 - M6

Ratio1.07 – 456.77 : 1