Manufacturer: Flygt A-C

NSX designs offer outstanding advantages

Unique Shearpeller impeller design has specially shaped radial vanes that allow suspended solids to flow easily, minimizing the clogging or obstructions. Increased efficiency means the horsepower required by the NSX pump is less than that required by a fully recessed impeller pump. Standardized design offers maximum interchangeability of parts and helps reduce spare parts inventory. All parts except the casing suction cover and impeller are completely interchangeable within a given frame group. Five pump sizes are built on only two power frames. Tapered shaft on the impeller end of the shaft and the impeller bore are designed for reliability and ease of maintenance. Impeller nut is a contoured stainless-steel nut that is provided to prevent material from hanging up. The nut is secured by a stainless-steel set screw. Rear back pull-out design allows the complete rotating element to be removed from the pump without disturbing the suction or discharge piping. Fewer crafts are required to service the pump. Flexibility of discharge position by allowing clockwise or counterclockwise rotation to be supplied. Discharge nozzle can be arranged in any one of eight positions for either rotation to suit the piping arrangement. Maximum shaft and bearing life are achieved by large diameter shafts that minimize deflection and increase packing life. Bearings are selected in accordance with the Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association (AFBMA) to provide for maximum life expectancy. Stuffing box design is a universal type stuffing box that will accept either packing or mechanical seal.

• Flows to 4,000 GPM (900 m3/h)
• Heads to 100' TDH (31m)
• 4" to 8" discharge
• Unique Shearpeller impeller

Shearpeller features
• Made of high impact 431 stainless steel
• Larger solids handling capability than standard non-clog impellers
• Capable of handling large fibrous solids, high percentages of suspended solids and up to 25% air or vapor
• More efficient that pumps with fully recessed impeller
• Ideal for digester sludge and grit services