Perlite Media

Manufacturer: Evoqua Water Technologies

The performance of your filtration equipment can be significantly affected by the media you choose and how often you clean your system, particularly when it comes to your Defender® filter.

Not all perlite is the same. Did you know generic perlite can have HIGH FLOAT? Float is the non-functional waste that doesn’t coat the filter elements and will impact filter performance. High float causes bleed-through and short filter cycles. Generic perlite also tends to have HIGH PERMEABILITY and cannot filter down to 1 micron. ​Using the recommended Harborlite® AP perlite media will ensure you are getting a perlite with low float content. This equates to maximized filter performance, enhanced element coating, maximized oil removal, removal of particles down to one micron in size, and achieves 25-30% longer filter cycles (according to current Defender system operators).