Manufacturer: Versamatic

Porta-Matic Battery-Powered Portable Pump

The Versamatic PortaPump® is a rugged, submersible
pump that conveniently operates using any common
12-volt vehicle battery.

The PortaPump comes equipped with 30 foot long cables
and battery clips or 2 Pole Connector (-APP). The unit
is portable, weighing only 33 lbs (15 kg) and fits through
openings as small as 10” (25cm).
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CONVENIENT: 1/3-hp motor delivering up to 43 gpm (163 lpm) for
rapid dewatering and instant prime

PORTABLE: Unit weighs just 33 lbs (15 kg)

LONG LASTING PERFORMANCE: 30-amp draw, for an average of one hour of operation
without restarting the engine (times may vary)