Portable Coolant Filtration

Manufacturer: Rosedale Products

Portable Coolant Filter System
Rosedale Products' PFC series filter cart is easily movable from machine to machine, holding tank to reservoir, or drum to tank. These two wheel hand truck systems provide a means for pre-filtering and transferring fluids. Our mobile units are most effective controlling particulate problems before they cause damage to critical production equipment. Rosedale’s PFCs’ industrial quality centrifugal pumps transfer fluids quickly and economically.

The PFC filter system can be used with coolants and other fluids with viscosities of 300 SSU or less that are compatible with aluminum and steel. Most of these new fluids, when they come right out of the drum, are unfit for use in hydraulic and lube systems. Contamination enters the fluid during processing, mixing, handling and storage. Solid particulate may be present in unacceptable levels. Portable filter carts are the ideal means of pre-filtering and transferring these fluids. With a 1/2 horsepower motor and pump, as well as a bag filter housing, this two wheel hand truck system can be an asset to your operation. For water and chemicals, a stainless steel version of the PFC is also available.

• Quick-opening covers that do not require special tools
• Carbon or stainless steel housings
• Large area bag and basket for greater dirt-holding capacity
• O-ring seals: Buna N, EPR, and Fluoroelastomer
• 125 psi-rated housing
• Uses standard number 12 size bags with surface area of 5.6 square feet.
• 1-inch NPT ports
• Centrifugal pump
• 10-foot inlet/outlet hoses with quick- disconnect couplings
• 20 gpm flow rate