Portable Filtration

Manufacturer: Rosedale Products

Portable Filtration System
For efficient, clean filtration, portable filter systems from Rosedale Products are your best choice. We have taken our standard line of LCO filter housings and incorporated them into a self-contained, mobile filtration system. Our mobile filter carts are compact, easy-to-move, and can meet the demands of most industrial applications.
Why Choose a Portable Filtration Unit?
Cart-mounted, Rosedale’s portable filtration systems have a double-diaphragm pump, pneumatic components and valves, and inlet and outlet connections all in one unit. The housing itself is our LCO housing, which uses a standard size 12 bag to provide more surface area for greater dirt-holding capacity than competitive units.
The clamp cover is easily removed and helps reduce the time spent cleaning or replacing the bag. Our quick-opening covers do not require special tools. The pumps are air-operated and can come as an optional Poly-Pro pump. The cart features a built-in drip pan, 9” air-filled tires, and optional four-wheel construction.

Mobile Filtration System Features & Specifications
Our portable filtration carts come with a wide variety of features to meet the strictest demands of your planned industrial use. These features include, but are not limited to:
• Carbon or stainless steel housings
• O-ring seals: Buna N, EPR, and Fluoroelastomer
• 125 PSI-rated housing
• Basket material is compatible with housing
• 1-inch NPT ports
• Compressed air filter/regulator
• 10-foot inlet/outlet hoses with quick-disconnect couplings
• 25 GPM flow rate