PoxyBase Close Coupled

Manufacturer: Basetek

Designed for closed couple mountings.

BaseTek PoxyBase CC® is the perfect non metallic polymer concrete baseplate for most ANSI/ASME and Sub ANSI closed coupled pump designs. Available in 5 sizes, our pump bases are a cost effective alternative to conventional steel designs.

Close coupled mounting combinations
Available in 5 sizes and optional materials
Pre drilled for ANSI/ASME B73.1 2001 pumps

• Corrosion Resistant Eliminates maintenance and upkeep
• Integrated Drip Pan Provides additional containment with drain connection (may be omitted)
• Stainless Steel Inserts Reduce corrosion and cast in place to prevent pull out (options available)
• Leveling Holes Speeds installation with threaded holes as standard
• Grout Hole Meets ANSI/ASME specifications for full compliance (may be omitted)
• Flat Surface To 0.002”/Ft. Speeds alignment and eliminates soft foot for a reliable installation
• Custom Hole Patterns Easily include your unique hole pattern to accommodate any equipment.