ROB-1 Mobile Steel Adsorber

Manufacturer: Evoqua Water Technologies

The ROB-1 Mobile Steel Adsorber rental system is engineered and pre-fabricated to remove contaminants and/or odor from vapor streams. It is internally lined with a high performance catalyzed epoxy resin and sample ports are provided to monitor carbon performance. The ROB-1 adsorber’s design permits loading, transporting and placement by special truck without the use of a crane. Additionally, the adsorber is provided with lifting lugs so it can be lifted by crane when required.
The ROB-1 vapor phase adsorber is delivered pre-filled with activated carbon and ready to install. It is self-supporting and should be placed in a level, accessible area. If it is desired not to use unloading equipment, the ROB-1 adsorber may be shipped via a special roll-off truck. Otherwise, it can be off loaded by crane. Installation merely requires hook-up of flexible hose to the adsorber’s inlet and outlet plain end ducts. During operation, contaminated air passes through the inlet ducts into the distribution chamber below the carbon bed, then up through the carbon and clean air exits through the outlet ducts at the top of the adsorber. Please consult the pressure drop chart in this bulletin to determine your operating parameters. Two or more adsorbers can be manifolded in parallel to handle higher flows.
Evoqua can provide a total service package that includes utilizing OSHA trained personnel providing on-site carbon changeouts, packaging and transportation of spent carbon for recycling at our reactivation facilities, where the contaminants are thermally destroyed. We provide instructions on sampling the spent carbon and completion of our spent carbon profile form. Spent carbon acceptance testing can be performed at our certified laboratory. When requested, a certificate of reactivation will be issued.

• Adaptable - Adsorber is charged with the carbon
best suited for your application
• Dependable - Operates continuously with
minimal maintenance
• Durable - Adsorber is heavy steel construction
lined with a high performance epoxy resin for
superior corrosion resistance and long life
• Efficient – Adsorber allows even air flow
distribution and complete carbon bed use
with minimal pressure drop
• Versatile - Easily configured as single or
multiple unit systems to handle higher flows
• Industrial and Municipal Odor Control
• Tank Air Vents
• Soil Air Vents
• Process Air

Liquid/Vapor PhaseVapor