Roxia Floating Aerator™

Manufacturer: Roxia

Efficient Turbine Surface Aerator

Roxia Floating Aerator™ is a turbine surface aerator for the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater. It brings together high efficiency, low initial investment and low energy consumption. Aeration of wastewater or natural waters is effective with no need for complex infrastructure or heavy installations, keeping the costs and maintenance low.

High Efficiency & Low Costs

Roxia Floating Aerator efficiently transfers and disperses oxygen into the wastewater. The floating design allows fast and easy installation without costly construction. The aerator’s features bring together high efficiency, low initial investment, and low energy consumption.

Smart Aeration System

Add automation & increase flexibility
Roxia Floating Aerators can be delivered as a fully automated Smart Aeration System with Roxia Malibu™ digital platform. The system can be customized according to site-specific requirements.

Smart Aeration System benefits
• Energy efficiency: easy optimization of aeration power according to target values in changing conditions.
• Reduced maintenance: automation software can be programmed for automatic impeller cleaning cycle. This keeps the aerator clean and helps to reduce maintenance requirements.
• Advanced monitoring: System can be equipped with additional process sensors to monitor pH, oxygen levels and other parameters
• Online access to real-time information: operating data is collected and accessed online through Roxia Malibu platform. Malibu is easy for anyone to view and use as data is presented through visual 3D model of the actual plant.