RX Series

Manufacturer: BJM Pumps

Top discharge pumps pass the liquid up and around the motor before discharging. This ensures better motor cooling in low level liquid applications. RX pumps are available in one (1) and two (2) HP, in single phase and three phase. Class F insulation and overload protection ensures a long life. RX models are delivered standard with 2 " stainless NPT discharge connection.(3" adapter available). All wear and "wet" parts such as impeller, wear plate, oil housing, pump housing and inner pump top are made of Cast 316 stainless material. The elastomers such as o rings, lip seals and gaskets are made of FKM. Standard power cable is made of oil resistant material. Special installation can be made with EPDM power cable and elastomers. (BUNA (Nitril) also available).

• All parts exposed to pumped liquids (such as impeller, wear plate, oil housing, pump housing and inner pump top) are made of 316 stainless steel.
• Elastomers are made of FKM
• Longer power cord - Standard 33ft. power cord.
• Three seal motor protection - Motor is protected by double mechanical seals. Lower seal made of silicon carbide/silicon carbide and upper seal is made of carbon/ceramic. An additional lip seal has been installed above the impeller to help prevent abrasives such as dirt, silt or sand from entering into the seal chamber.
• Winding protection and (NEMA) Class F insulation protect motor from temperature up to 230°F.
• High temperature automatic overload switch protects against motor failure due to overheating.
• Each pump is tested at factory, both for performance as well as safety. Level controls and level control systems are available.
• Specifications dependent on model and may change without notice.