Type SAF

Manufacturer: John Crane

Double acting Cartridge Seal for Heavy Equipment
The SAF is a double acting seal particularly engineered to suit pumps, screens, knotters, sorters and pulpers in heavy process industries where liquids containing solid particles and impurities are involved. Seal design can be multi component or cartridge version, depending on application. Size range varies from 0.787'' to 17.716''/20mm to 450mm.

Typical OEM designs include brands: Andritz, Beloit, Bird, GL&V, IMPCO, Metso Paper, Netsch Mohno, Noss, Voith, Toscotec,SSP Pumps, Sulzer Pumps, Sunds Defibrator and Warman Pumps, etc.

Design is unaffected by pressure changes. The Type SAF seal is double balanced, which makes the construction fully independent of pressure changes in both process and barrier fluid. It's designed for minimum damage risk - the rugged construction for all applications prevents failure and provides long and trouble free service. Type SAF seal provides easy installation and low maintenance costs. Ultimate reliability for screen sealing requirements. It is recommended to use Safeunit™ (plan 54) for seal water control.

• Balanced, heavy duty design
• Easy to install
• No fitting parts needed
• No measuring required
• Self centering


PRESSURE LIMITSStuffing box pressure: 290 psi(g)/20 bar(g) Seal water pressure: 215 psi(g)/15 bar(g)

SPEED LIMITS100fps/30m/s

STANDARD MATERIALSSeal faces: SiC/SiC (product side), SiC/Carbon (atmosphere side) O rings: PTFE (product side), EPDM, Viton Metals: AISI 329 (standard), titanium, UHB Springs: Nimonic steel