Type SB1

Manufacturer: John Crane

Single, Heavy duty Cartridge Seals
The Safeseal Type SB1 is a single cartridge seal for use with clean fluids and lubricants. It is versatile and easy to install and maintain. Although the design of the seal is simple, it contains advanced technical features, such as patented seal face holders and elastic mating ring. Seal faces are installed using a patented heat shrink process ensuring correct, distortion free face alignment at all recommended temperatures. The Type SB1 seal is applicable for a wide range of duties such as water, oil, solvents and pulp.
Several variant of the design available for different services:

Type SB1 - Single, balanced cartridge seal, metric units (DIN)
Type SB1A - Single, balanced cartridge seal, imperial units (ANSI)

Type SB1B - Single, balanced cartridge seal, imperial units for big box bore pumps. The Type SB1B flange is designed to fit bigger stuffing box diameters.

Type SB1S - Single, balanced cartridge seal, imperial or metric units. Metric versions of SB1A seals are also called SB1S.

• The springs are located in the stationary body of the seal, reducing risk of the springs becoming clogged.
• PTFE slot rings replace the traditional O rings in places where they are exposed to the product, preventing sticking.
• Protected faces, the seal face carriers are driven by machined fits, preventing metal stress from distorting the face.


PRESSURE LIMITSType SB1 process pressure: 215 psi(g)/15 bar(g) Type SB1A, SB1B, SB1S process pressure: 290 psi(g)/20 bar(g)

SPEED LIMITS65fps/20m/s

STANDARD MATERIALSSeal faces: SiC/Carbon or SiC/SiC O rings: PTFE, EPDM, Viton, FFKM Metals: AISI 329 and 316 standard, SAF 2507 for sea water applications, titanium, Hastelloy, UHB Springs: Nimonic steel or Hastelloy, C276