Type SBW

Manufacturer: John Crane

Heavy duty Single cartridge Seals with Non pressurized Quench
The Safeseal Type SBW is a single cartridge seal used with unpressurized quench. The Type SBW seal can be used in many general industry applications. The option to use Type SBW with grease quench makes this seal suitable to be used in mines and other applications where seal water is not available. The design ensures reliable performance and longevity under demanding conditions. Typical applications include paper stock pumps in the paper industry and high temperature condensate. The Type SBW cartridge seal fits other process equipment, such as agitators, in addition to pumps.

The variant of the design available for different services:

Type SBWG - a single cartridge seal used with grease quench

• Balanced design - sudden changes in pressure do not affect seal function.
• Springs are located in the stationary part of the seal, in the seal water; shaft misalignment will not vibrate the springs or wear out the O rings. The seal water washes the springs.
• Cartridge design - no measurements necessary for installation, easy to install, reduces possibilities of human error.
• No drive pins in contact with faces - no face cracking during start up.
• Available in different materials - selection covers all single applications.
• Unpressurised water quench - at high temperatures, the seal is cooled with an unpressurised (quench) wash. A V ring prevents wash water leakage.



SPEED LIMITSSBW process pressure: 215 psi(g)/15 bar(g) Seal water pressure: 7 psi(g)/.5 bar(g)


Seal faces: SiC/Carbon or SiC/SiC O rings: PTFE, EPDM, Viton, FFKM Metals: AISI 329 and 316 standard, titanium, Hastelloy, UHB Springs: Nimonic steel, Hastelloy C 276