Type SE1

Manufacturer: John Crane

Single Mechanical Seals for Sulzer Process Pumps
The Safeseal Type SE1 is a customer fitted (OEM standard) single, balanced component or cartridge seal designed for clean and lubricating fluids such as water, different types of oils, solvents and paper stock. The Type SE1 seal is designed especially for the Sulzer APP and APT pump series and Scan pump. The SE1 seal is easy to install and maintain. In spite of its simple design, SE1 is very advanced in its technical capabilities, including, for example, a patented thermal method for seal face holding and an elastic thrust ring.

Several variants of the design available for different services:

Type SE1C - single, balanced, cartridge seal, used in Sulzer Scan pump

Type SE1F - single, balanced cartridge seal with flush

• Balanced design - undisturbed operation even with sudden pressure shocks.
• Spring located in the stationary body of the seal - shaft misalignment does not pump up the spring or wear out the O ring.
• Installation against the shaft shoulder - easy installation reduces risk of human error. No measurements required for installation.
• No drive pins at seals - seal face does not crack at start up.
• Available in different materials - selection covers all possible single seal applications.


PRESSURE LIMITSProcess pressure: 215 psi(g)/15 bar(g)

SPEED LIMITS65fps/20m/s

STANDARD MATERIALSSeal faces: SiC/Carbon or SiC/SiC O rings: PTFE, EPDM, Viton Metals: AISI 329 (standard), titanium, UHB Springs: Nimonic steel