Type SE2

Manufacturer: John Crane

Dual Mechanical Seals for Sulzer Process Pumps
The Safeseal Type SE2 is a customer fitted (OEM standard) dual, balanced cartridge seal designed for the severe applications found in the pulp and paper industry and slurry applications. This seal is typically used in pumps for abrasive and environmentally hazardous liquids in cooking, evaporation and causticizing facilities in pulp mills. It is designed as a dual pressurized (double) seal, but incorporates a patented double balance feature which also allows it to be used as an unpressurized (tandem) dual seal arrangement. The Type SE2 AP seal is especially designed for the Sulzer APP pump series.

Several variants of the design available for different services:

Type SE2C - dual, balanced cartridge seal for Sulzer Scanpump

Type SE2CF - dual, balanced cartridge seal with flush for Sulzer Scanpump

Type SE2 APR - with circulation device

• Seal faces are installed using a patented heat shrink process, ensuring correct, distortion free face alignment at all recommended temperatures.
• The springs are located in the stationary body of the seal in the seal water (barrier fluid). The seal water washes the springs, preventing corrosion by process chemicals and reducing the risk of the springs becoming clogged. Shaft misalignment does not vibrate or wear out the O rings.
• The piston design permits free axial movement. It allows± 2mm axial movement. Impeller adjustments do not affect face stress or spring strength.
• PTFE slot rings replace the traditional O rings in places where they are exposed to the product, preventing sticking.
• Protected faces, the seal face carriers are driven by machined fits, preventing metal stress from distorting the face.
• Patented double balanced design allows the use of both pressurized and un pressurized seal water (barrier/buffer fluid) and prevents face overload.


PRESSURE LIMITSProcess pressure: 290 psi(g)/20 bar(g) Seal water pressure: 215 psi(g)/15 bar(g)

SPEED LIMITS65fps/30m/s

STANDARD MATERIALSSeal faces: SiC/SiC (product side), SiC/Carbon (atmosphere side) O rings: PTFE (product side), EPDM, Viton Metals: AISI 329 (standard), titanium, UHB, super duplex Springs: Nimonic steel