Series 41P

Manufacturer: Hartzell Air Movement

Fiberglass Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan, Packaged - *Rapid Ship Available*

Get high efficiency, low noise and long service life with Hartzell's Series 41P Fiberglass Backward Curved Centrifugal Packaged Fan. AMCA rated for sound and air performance, this industrial fan features a one piece solid fiberglass FA type wheel with backward curved blades for non loading, highly efficient operation

Series 41P fans are offered with motor sizes up to 500 HP and flow rates up to 120,000 CFM. Suitable for use in temperatures up to 250°F, Series 41P fans are supplied assembled, packaged, and ready to install. The fan's housing is constructed of polyester resin and glass fiber with flame retardant additives, and all fiberglass surfaces are protected with chemical , flame , and ultraviolet resistant resin.

Offered in wheel diameters from 12" up to 60", standard sizes ranging from 12" through 36" feature field rotatable fan housings that allow the discharge to be positioned at any of the eight AMCA standard positions. Constructed to the ASTM D4167 standard and made in the U.S.A., spark resistant 41P Series fans are available with clockwise or counter clockwise rotation. Custom designs and optional accessories are also available.

Clockwise rotation (CCW not available from stock) with top horizontal
discharge standard. Rotatable scroll. Stock fans cannot be rotated to
BAD, TAD and DB. (Flanges interfere with base.)
• Class II construction.
• Offers non-overloading efficiency and economy in corrosive atmospheres
up to 10” W.G. Temperatures to 250°F.
• Wheel is one-piece airfoil type, constructed with vinylester resin. Housing
constructed of special corrosive resistant polyester resin plus flame
retardant additives, reducing the flame spread rate below 25. Base is hot
rolled steel, epoxy coated.
• Internal hardware is 304 stainless steel encapsulated with fiberglass. Shaft
is 304 stainless steel.
• Flanged outlet and inlet flange are standard.
• Epoxy coated weather cover is standard.
Food Processing
Heavy Industry
Pulp and Paper
Water and Wastewater



PRESSURE RANGE0-1.5" s.p., 1.5-3" s.p., 3-8" s.p., 8-25" s.p.,