Series 44

Manufacturer: Hartzell Air Movement

Special Duty Direct Drive Duct Axial

Hartzell's Series 44 Direct Drive, Duct Axial Fan provides high volume, high efficiency air movement in harsh environments including marine, mining and industrial duty applications. AMCA certified for air performance and sound, Series 44 duct fans feature a six bladed, single piece cast aluminum propeller. The airfoil design incorporates years of research and development to deliver the best features of Hartzell vaneaxial propellers plus the economic performance of all Hartzell duct fans.

Factory assembled, factory balanced, and ready to install, Series 44 duct fans deliver medium static pressures of 1 inch to 4 inches water gauge (inWG). Available in standard sizes from 12 inches through 60 inches, Series 44 duct axial fans feature fully enclosed, fan cooled motors, continuously welded rolled steel housing and flanges, rigid motor mounts, and mounting holes. Blowers can be designed for mounting in any position, from horizontal to vertical. Coated with industrial grade, air dry enamel paint standard, custom protective coatings are also available. Additional options and accessories include alternative construction materials, specialized motors, guards, adaptors and vibration isolators.

Food Processing
Heavy Industry
Pulp and Paper


MATERIAL TYPESteel, SS304, SS316, Aluminum

PRESSURE RANGE0-1.5" s.p., 1.5-3" s.p., 3-8" s.p.