Sliding Shoe

Manufacturer: Megator

The Sliding Shoe pump is unique to all other pumps in the world and offers the advantages of many different pump types in one pump. No other pump has as many unique design features and benefits.
The Megator self priming positive displacement sliding-shoe pump provides exceptional suction performance, versatility, and the ability to pump at constant capacity against heads to 250′ (76m). It can run without harm during dry suction, is self compensating for wear, has a simple design with few working parts and single cover access to its wear parts. It might be said to resemble a reciprocating piston pump, and it has indeed all the well known merits of that type – powerful suction and self priming, constant capacity at varying heads, the ability to cope with rough conditions and to handle a great variety of liquids, viscous or free flowing, clean or dirty. Yet in its simplicity, compactness and smooth flow it more closely resembles the centrifugal pump. It therefore combines the advantageous features of both these two main pump types without their respective limitations.
• Self priming
• Operates with dry suction
• Simple to install
• High suction lift
• Constant capacity at varying heads
• Single cover access
• Simple to operate
• Self compensating for wear
• The same pump for water and oils
• Remove the last drop from containers
• Minimal shear/emulsification

• Capacities up to 264 US gpm (60 m3/hr)
• Suction lifts up to 27 ft (8.2 m)
• Viscosities up to 5000 cSt
• Heads up to 250′ (76 m)
• Available in bronze, cast iron & aluminum casings
• Air, diesel, electric, hydraulic or gasoline driven