Manufacturer: Versamatic

SludgeMasterTM Air-Driven High-Flow Pump

Fast Dewatering Technology: When your situation calls for fast dewatering, the SludgeMaster delivers. It provides our highest flow rates — up to 300 gpm — and runs on
compressed air for continuous power supply. This trash pump handles everything from mud and leaves to sand and solids without clogging.

• Fully submersible
• Weighs 59 lbs
• Won’t choke on small trash
• Can run dry without damage
• Handles solids up to 1 ½"
• Self-draining to prevent damage in subfreezing weather
• Fits in openings as small as 14" diameter
• Self-priming and continuous automatic lubricating
• Optional rock screen for ½" solids available
• Fool-proof design that handles abrasive substances with less wear
• Built for rough handling and long life on land, sea or offshore