Solar Active Dryer SRT

Manufacturer: Huber Technologies

Sewage sludge drying with solar energy
 Sustainable, eco-friendly process
 Best mixing and aeration of the complete sludge bed
 Minimized odor development and dust formation due to effective back mixing
 Optimized evaporation efficiency with low energy consumption
 Unique combination of sludge turning and transport
The basic principle of the HUBER SRT system is drying of sewage sludge in a glasshouse using the incident solar radiation. What makes the HUBER SRT system special is the HUBER Sludge Turner SOLSTICE®, which performs spreading and granulation of the sludge in the greenhouse and aeration, turning and mixing of the sludge bed.
The sludge feeding options can be adjusted to suit customer-specific requirements. The dewatered sludge can be fed into the greenhouse either manually, i.e. with a wheel loader, or fully automatically by a distribution screw that utilizes the evaporation area optimally.
The dried sludge is discharged either into a trough, or by means of a belt conveyor directly into a container. Since the sludge is fed continuously, also units with a low throughput can be used for sludge dewatering.