Style 42

Manufacturer: Fluidol

Fluidol Style 42 Triple Lip Cartridge Seal

The Style 42’s faceless and spring less design allows sealing of previously impossible applications, and extends seal life 4-6 times what has been the past expectation for cartridge lip seal. The style 42 now incorporates 3rd generation cartridge lip seal technology achieved through continuous improvement of both design and materials.

The style 42 triple cartridge lip seals feature our TLS Everseal sealing units with our Eschelon III Sealing lips. The Eschelon III sealing lips are made from a proprietary modified PTFE that offers increased hardness for wear resistance, and increased strength to retain shape for extended life. The Eschelon III sealing material is combined with the Enerlon, o-ring energizer, to keep the lips in contact with the sleeve during start-up, and the Enerlon o-ring compensates for increased run-out as the pump components wear, extending seal life. Our Silicon carbide sleeve also helps extend sealing life with its high heat dissipation whether the seal is running wet or running dry. The solid silicon carbide sleeve also avoids the weakness of chrome coatings to fracture or fret.

The combination of the Eschelon III lip material, Enerlon o-ring energizer, and silicon carbide sleeve used together have made possible seal life exceeding three years on challenging viscous liquid applications where six months’ life was the prior expectation.

The Style 42 provides twice the pressure capabilities of competitor’s units as well as higher shaft speeds, and higher temperature capability.

The Style 42 with its three sealing lips, and standard gland connections allows the use of environmental controls such as grease lubricators. Contact Fluidol for recommendations on the use of environmental control devices.

• Fluidol E3/Enerlon Sealing Units
• Self-Aligning Design for Easy Installation
• Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Gland with Two Tapped Connections
• Solid Silicon Carbide Sleeve
• Repair Kits Available
• Optional O-ring Materials Available
• FDA materials of construction available for food and pharmaceutical services Special designs available for vacuum applications and/or a true double seal arrangement

Style 42 Benefits
• Ability to Handle High Viscosity Liquids
• Dry Running Capability
• Excellent Chemical Resistance. Only one wetted o-ring
• Bi-directional Capability as Standard
• No moving O-rings; no O-ring hang up. No springs to clog
• Easily repaired on-site