Style 47

Manufacturer: Fluidol

Fluidol Style 47 Quad Lip Cartridge Dry Running Mixer Seal

The Style 47 incorporates the same faceless and spring less design of our Style 42 and 44 but uses our “Enerlon Sealing Units” which allow for typical mixer shaft radial movement while maintaining sealing performance under high pressure and high vacuum sealing demands.

The Style 47 is also designed to seal all gases and vapors associated with many FDA and other mixer applications. Fluidol’s Silicone Carbide Wear Sleeve promotes long “Dry Running” Seal life by providing high heat dissipation away from the sealing lip contact points. The Style 46 additionally has two barrier ports to allow a fluid or inert gas buffer if required for the particular application.

The Style 47 includes a collector as a safety device for use when a barrier fluid is introduced into the Cartridge assembly. In addition, Fluidol also offers a Hygienic Design Style 47. Typical Applications can be seen on our Application List.