SV Series

Manufacturer: BJM Pumps

Non clog electric submersible pumps for sludge, sewage, trash & industrial waste. The SV Series pumps are equipped with Vortex impellers, undoubtedly the best non clog impellers ever invented for the handling of mud, raw sewage, viscous liquids, rags, wood chips and other solids. They pass solid up to 90% of pump outlet diameter.

• Longer power cord - Standard 50ft. high temperature power cord on pumps.
• 304 stainless steel motor housing - Superior abrasion resistance will not wear out like aluminum motor housings when pumping sandy water.
• Three seal motor protection - Motor is protected by double mechanical seals. Lower seal made of silicon carbide/silicon carbide and upper seal is made of carbon/ceramic. An additional lip seal has been installed above the impeller to help prevent abrasives such as dirt, silt or sand from entering into the seal chamber.
• Winding protection and (NEMA) Class F motor insulation protect motor from temperature up to 230°F, superior to pumps with Class A and B insulation.
• High temperature automatic overload switch protects against motor failure due to overheating.
• Hardened cast iron stands up to rough handling and pumping sandy water unlike pumps with soft resin impellers or plastic exterior components.
• Specifications dependent on model & may change without notice.
• All single phase Fahrenheit pumps are supplied with a NEMA 4X control box including pump start components, Seal Minder relay, motor thermal sensor connections and (1) High Temperature wide angle float switch with 20' cable. These single phase controls meet UL 508A and cUL CSA 22.2 requirements.