TES & NxClear® Dentrification Filter

Manufacturer: Evoqua Water Technologies

Ease of expansion to match increased flow capacity.
• Complete, factory built systems allow for easy installation and minimum required hook-ups.
• EMU pumps provide durability and dependability even during the harshest conditions

The NxClear® Denitrification Filter from Evoqua Water Technologies is an advanced wastewater treatment process that converts harmful nitrate-nitrogen into nitrogen gas. The process also simultaneously removes suspended solids from the secondary effluent. This makes the denitrification filter the ideal approach for upgrading existing secondary treatment plants to advanced wastewater treatment and tertiary filtration without modifying or altering the existing equipment or treatment process. Denitrification filters are a particularly good process choice when facing very low nitrate discharge limits.

Systems are available in factory built steel tank designs with flow ranges from 10,000 gallons per day (GPD) to 750,000 GPD or higher with multiple units. Component systems for concrete installations are available with flows from 200,000 GPD to several million GPD.

• Advanced PLC for completely automated operation and easy troubleshooting.
• One step tertiary filtration and denitrification saves on process conversion expenses.
• Isolated cells adapt to seasonal flow rates.
• Large, spherical media makes for easy cleaning