Thread Mount

The Thread Mount Mixer provides a simple means of mounting smaller mixers onto tanks or drums with a bung hole in the cover. Thread mounts feature a 2” nipple which screws directly into a standard bung, cutting labor and cost by eliminating the need for drilling mounting holes or providing additional mixer supports. Thread mount mixers are available with 1/3 HP, 115V, open and 1/20 HP, 115V, TEAO motors. The thread mount holds the mixer securely in a vertical position.
All mixers feature a 304 stainless steel shaft with an integral impeller. Special epoxy and vinyl shaft coatings are available for applications where the solution being agitated is not compatible with 304 stainless steel. The shaft is coupled to the motor via a brass adapter which is held securely by four stainless steel set screws.
The thread mount adapters are of iron construction and have a corrosion resistant coating.
Ensure the location of the mixer will allow sufficient clearance between impeller and tank walls. Insert mixer assembly into bung and tighten. Installation is complete.

304 SS Shaft
• Epoxy and Vinyl Shaft Coatings Are Available
• Shafts Cut to Length

Operating Benefits:
• Thread mount eliminates the need for additional mixer support.
• No need to drill mounting holes.
• Simple Installation.