Manufacturer: John Crane

Stainless Steel Discs and Axially Split Spacer for Close coupled Applications for High Torques (Metric)

TLR is a short DBSE split spacer coupling. This coupling is designed to replace gear couplings, and to be used on applications where the DBSE is too short for a spacer coupling and the customer requires maintenance without moving the associated machines. Configuring the hubs allows DBSEs from 5mm up to the TLKS standard minimum to be achieved.

• The TLR range of membrane couplings has been specifically designed to provide a solution for close coupled machinery.

• The key benefit of this coupling is the ability to replace membranes without the need to move either of the connected machines.

• Axially split spacer.

• Inherent balance to AGMA Class 8.

• Easy maintenance, providing all the benefits of membrane technology.

• Anti fly guard protection.

• Profiled spacer washers giving high reliability.

• Overload collars - over torque protection with spark resistant option.

• Spacer bolts assembled with patented self locking feature built in.

MAXIMUM SHAFT13.5"/340mm

MAXIMUM TORQUE315,200 Nm (2,790,000 lbf/in)


TEMPERATURE LIMITS-40°F to 300°F/ 40°C to 150°C