TM Series Induced Draft Towers

Manufacturer: Delta Cooling Towers

TM Series Induced Draft Towers
Our long history of innovation in the industry coupled with our recent product upgrades makes Delta the technology-leading cooling tower supplier.

Regardless of your need, Delta provides innovative designs that last longer, save costs, and eliminate downtime.

All of our products, including the TM Series Induced Draft Tower, are suitable for a variety of applications.

Choose the Best
Are you looking for a replacement for your industrial cooling tower or HVAC cooling tower? Delta sets industry practices with its superior products such as the TM Series Induced Draft Tower. Learn more about our TM Series Induced Draft Towers Today.
At Delta, high-quality and advanced manufacturing processes translate into an extended lifecycle. Delta’s TM Series™ induced draft, counterflow design are available in single unit capacities from 250 to 2,500 cooling tons. For more than two decades, the TM Series™ Induced Draft Towers have been incredibly well received in both commercial and industrial environments. And, the modular cooling tower design allows the isolation of cells for operational flexibility. Its energy efficiency leads the industry.

Feeling frustrated by your cooling tower downtime or replacement needs? As one of the most highest-quality cooling tower manufacturers in the USA, we know how vital quick and reliable service is when it comes to keeping your cooling tower safe from the elements. That’s why highly efficient and environmentally friendly cooling towers take top priority in our business.
The industrial cooling towers offered to our customers ensure that they will never be stuck with a leaky, dangerous, or inefficient cooling tower while waiting for “business hours” to arrive. We believe that our clients deserve a cooling tower with nearly 100% uptime by design.

Standard Features
• Seamless Double Wall Engineered Plastic (HDPE) Shell
• Corrosion Proof Construction
• Direct Drive Fan System
• Totally Enclosed VFD Rated Motors
• Factory Assembled for Simple Installation
• 20 Year Shell Warranty
• PVC Water Distribution System with Non-clog Large Orifice Removable Nozzles
• High Efficiency PVC Fill
• Made in the USA
Detailed Features
All Delta Cooling Towers are factory assembled to the fullest extent possible for ease of installation and shipment. The following features are standard to our TM Series™ Induced Draft Cooling Towers:
Shell: Shell is a seamless, double-wall, non-corroding, hi-impact high-density polyethylene (HDPE) of leak-proof design. Conical transition for motor/fan assembly with separate polyethylene velocity recovery stacks. The shell exceeds ¼” average thickness. The structural shell is capable of withstanding water temperatures up to 160°F on a continual basis. Between equidistant vertical ribs along the walls are pre-contoured sections that when coupled with the structural foam between the double walls, creates a pre-stressing that adds rigidity and overall structural strength of each cell.

Sump: Sump is a seamless, double-wall, non-corroding, hi-impact high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with a leak-proof design. The sump is sloped toward the outlet. Integral molded-in I-Beam support pockets allow placement on elevated I-Beams. Integral support posts 360° around the sump give support to the upper tower section and allows for mounting of louvered inlet panels for optimum air distribution.

Sloped “Clean” Sump Design: Each cell’s sump is molded to slope aggressively towards the center and a 3% slope towards a depressed sump box near the outlet. This limits settlement of any dirt, debris, or biological films and allows for complete drainage of the sump during planned shutdowns.

Water Distribution System: Totally enclosed, non-corroding, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe with large orifice non-clog spray nozzle distribution system. Threaded nozzle orifices shall be interchangeable allowing substitution of larger diameter orifices for increased flow conditions without increasing inlet pressure.

Wet Decking: Rigid PVC film, corrugated and bonded for maximum cooling efficiency.

Fan Assembly: The fan assembly consists of a fan ring, propeller, motor, and guard. The fan ring is coated with premium plastic coating ideal for the harshest corrosive environments. An adjustable pitch propeller fan, fiberglass reinforced polypropylene with a silica alloy hub, is directly driven by a totally enclosed VFD Premium rated motor designed for cooling tower duty. A fan guard is included on the velocity recovery stack and allows protection from the propeller and access to the motor.

Motor: Totally enclosed air over (TEAO) VFD rated motor with 1.15 service factor, designed for 208 or 230/460V 3 phase 60 cycle operation and suitable for outdoor service. The motor is provided with a 5-year motor manufacturer's warranty.

Fitting Connections: PVC fittings are provided for inlet, outlet, overflow, drain, and make-up connections at standard orientation locations. Orientation for special requirements is available for new and replacement installations.

Hardware: All fasteners are standard 304 stainless steel. Anchor and lifting lugs are aluminum.