TruBlue 710

Manufacturer: ITT Goulds

TruBlue 710.
ANSI Dimensional Frame Mounted Pump

• 15 hydraulic sizes
• Flows up to 800 GPM
• Heads up to 600 feet
• Temperatures from40°F to 350°F
• Pressures up to 275 PSI
• 150 lb ANSI flanges
• Cast ductile Iron or 316SS liquid end containment options
• Ductile iron frame and adapter for safety and reliability
• The power end two piece design provides a more reliable sealing of the frame, better alignment of key components and reduced maintenance time and effort
• Back pull out design makes maintenance activities safe and simple
• Patented Cyclone Seal Chamber for extended seal life
• Seal chamber accommodates standard cartridge seals
• Standard OSHA compliant shaft guarding is included
• Enclosed impeller for improved efficiency and bearing life
• Dimensionally compliant to ANSI B73.1
• Can be mounted on reliable ITT Goulds cast iron camber top baseplates