Manufacturer: John Crane

Stainless Steel Discs and Axially Split Spacer for Close coupled Applications (Imperial)

TSE coupling range is particularly suited for close coupled applications traditionally fitted with gear type couplings. Torque is transmitted through two sets of membranes in hub assemblies protected by two adaptable guard rings. The hub assemblies are separated by an axially split spacer to facilitate in field repair in the event of coupling failure. The coupling provides a good level of angular, lateral and axial misalignment, while maintaining a high level of balance integrity. Option for spark resistance is available.

• Close coupled DBSE, fully variable from 0.125" upwards.

• Coated carbon steel for corrosion protection.

• Choice of hub configuration to suit DBSE.

• Designed for the life of the connected machines.

• Fit and forget: the TSE coupling is designed for infinite life.

• Overload protection: fitted with overload collars to protect the discs.

• Low imposed loads: designed to optimize their torque capability, while minimizing the reaction forces due to misalignment.

• Zero maintenance: no lubrication or routine maintenance.

• Ease of assembly: discs can be replaced without moving the connected machines.

MAXIMUM SHAFT4.56"/115mm

MAXIMUM TORQUE13,350 Nm (118,500 lbf in)


TEMPERATURE LIMITS5°F to 300°F/ 15°C to 150°C