Type 32i

Manufacturer: John Crane

Single Dry running Mixer and Agitator Seal with Novel Noise reduction Technology
Please see Type 32 product description for technical information of the Type 32 seal family. In contrast to Type 32, the Type 32i features a unique, patented, seal face technology called "Intelli Face®." It is designed to reduce audible noise and squealing found on some single contacting dry running seal applications. Intelli face technology applies non uniform stresses on the carbon primary ring in order to modulate frequency harmonics and seal face flatness. This results in a continuously self adjusting interruption in resonance and quiet seal operation.

• Clamped in mating ring prevents axial movement of mating ring.
• Seal can be run dry or wet.
• Novel noise reduction technology.
• ID and OD balanced (dual balanced).
• No external lubrication required.
• Meets pharmaceutical and chemical processing standard.
• Robust T bar drive mechanism for high torque transmission.
• Optional debris well allows for easy flushing and sterilization during cleaning cycle (CIP and I).
• Field repairable.

TEMPERATURE LIMITS40°F to 300°F/ 40°C to 150°C

PRESSURE LIMITSVacuum to 15 bar(g)

SPEED LIMITS400fpm/2m/s 1" to 4.5"