Type 1670

Manufacturer: John Crane

API 682 Category II and Category III, Type B, Arrangement 1 Single Rotating Metal Bellows Cartridge Seal

The Type 1670 is a factory pre set edge welded metal bellows API 682/ISO 21049 qualified cartridge seal with Alloy C 276 (UNS N10276) rotating welded metal bellows. The seal is available with either a fixed, floating or segmented bushing option with either a single point or distributed flush arrangement. The Category III seals come with appropriate documentation in accordance with the API 682 specification. The cartridge arrangement greatly simplifies installation and maintenance and ensures trouble free installation.

• API 682 qualification tested.

• Easy to install cartridge design with registered fit.

• Static secondary seals.

• Segmented spring loaded carbon throttle bushing for effective containment (optional).

• Distributed flush optimizes circulation of liquid at the faces and prevents trapped vapor.

• Available with a pumping ring when utilizing and API Plan 23. Pressures up to 300 psi(g)/20 bar(g).

• API 682 design features.

• Mating ring is a reaction bonded silicon carbide standard or tungsten carbide nickel bound option.

• Premium grade carbon primary ring.

TEMPERATURE LIMITS100°F to 500°F/ 75°C to 260°C

PRESSURE LIMITSVacuum to 300 psi(g)/20 bar(g)

SPEED LIMITS5000fpm/25m/s