Type 4111

Manufacturer: John Crane

Single use Elastomer Bellows Cartridge Seal

The T4111 is a revolutionary new single use cartridge seal that simplifies the sealing process for applications using aqueous solutions, making it suitable for industries such as wastewater treatment, food and beverage, and mining. It is recommended for use on centrifugal and rotary pumps, and similar rotary shaft equipment.

The name was derived from the total cost of repair. When considering the expense of shipping, handling, and inventory management in many cases it is more economical to purchase a new seal than repair it.

Users will benefit from cost savings, simplified installation, and reduced maintenance.

The Type 4111 cartridge seal bridges the gap between functionality and cost, making it a sensible option to replace certain component seals or upgrade from packing. It is a practical solution for small, lower duty pumps that conform to ANSI and DIN standards.

• Non clogging, crest to crest wave spring

• Positive mechanical drive

• Self aligning seal automatically adjusts for shaft end play and runout

• Fits seal chambers ANSI B73.1M and DIN 24960

• Robust non pusher elastomer bellows design prevents sleeve fretting damage caused by O ring design in abrasive applications

TEMPERATURE LIMITS40°C to 107°C/ 40°F to 225°F

PRESSURE LIMITS150 psi(g)/10.3 bar(g)